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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in our organization! It gives us great pleasure to answer all your questions. We have 4 rustic wooden chalets, each one as wow as the next!

What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel your stay one month in advance for major reasons such as: severe illness, serious accident or death. It is important to notify us as soon as possible so that we can put the available property back on the market and reimburse you the balance if applicable.

For reasons of Covid-19, if there is a government ban on renting a cottage, a refund or an exchange may be granted*.Your satisfaction is important to us!





* terms/conditions may apply

What about cleanliness standards?

We maintain high standards of hygiene and sanitation. Everything is cleaned by professionals. In addition, no room is carpeted. The mattresses are covered with a special anti-leak, anti-dust mite and anti-bed bug cover. These are non-smoking cabins only. The products we use are environment friendly.

Also, we follow rigourously a special Coronavirus- Covid treatment in order to make sure that the place is 100% safe. 

Furthermore, the clients have the responsibility to respect the actual rules/directives about Covid. 

Is there a wood-burning fireplace in the chalet?

Yes and to use it you must plan / bring your wood.

You can buy it in all convenience stores or hardware stores (There is a Rona on your way to St-Sauveur). They sell bags of natural woods/logs or eco-friendly logs (each log can last several hours).

BMR ( hardware store ) can deliver whatever you want (their delivery fee is only 20$) . Their phone number is : 819-714-0065. 

What are the arrival and departure times?

Normal check-in time is 5:00 pm and check-out is 11:00 am.

Can I arrive sooner or leave later? If so, will there be additional costs?

Yes it is possible to arrive earlier or leave later if it is not rented, there will be no additional charge.

To get this privilege by arriving earlier or leaving later, you must get before a written approval ( text message or email) by the landlord. 



How will I access the chalet? Is there any security deposit to be given ?

Prior to your arrival, you will receive the front door code and the alarm system code as soon as the security deposit has been paid. Access codes are changed regularly for security reasons. The amount of the security deposit  is $1000 except for the Norwegian which is $500 more. The security deposit is requested by the insurer. This amount will be refunded within 7 days (approx) of your departure unless a mischief, breakage, theft or any other damage was caused during your stay.


Do we have to bring bottled water?


This is not necessary because the water in the chalet is drinkable. It is a good quality of water.

Should we bring towels?

You must bring only those for your outdoor swimming (lake, spa).

Should we bring our bedding?

Bedding is provided for the beds in the bedrooms. If you want to use the extra beds, you must bring it.

When should I book?

Sooner it's better !

Be proactive and provident by booking in advance because the nicest cottages start the first...

First come first serve !


Are the chalets rented by the month / season?


Yes, except in summer when the chalets are rented by the week only (7 nights minimum). The only one who can rent less than 7 nights in summer is the Norwegian.

How can I book and how does it work?


To make a reservation you must click on book.


A deposit will be charged at the time of your reservation. Final payment will be made 4 weeks prior to arrival, either on a credit card, Interac transfer or in cash.


Where are the chalets located?

Our chalets are all located in the Saint-Sauveur region near Morin-Heights. It is approximately 55 minutes from Montreal and Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau Airport. We are located in the Laurentian mountain range, considered the oldest in the world according to scientists.

Is the water in the lake of good quality?

Yes, the water in the lake is of excellent quality because it comes from  pure underground springs. It is perfect for swimming (A +).

What are the equipments?

All our chalets with 4 bedrooms and more are equipped with:

- a private outdoor SPA where you can admire the sky.
- the 6 bedroom apartment also has a Finnish sauna.
-games tables (billiards, table football, etc.).

Our chalets are all inclusive, which means that your kitchen will be fully equipped with the exception of a fondue and raclette stove.

Find out more by consulting the SERVICES section

Is this a private cottage or shared?

All our cottages are totally independent and private with their own equipment ( hot tub, fire pit, pool table, dock, kayaks, paddle boat, etc). 

They are located on a different lakes and private domaines.




Is there a fire pit outside with chairs?

Yes of course ! Each of our cottages are their own fire pit where you will share some great anecdotes  with your friends. Furthermore you will grill some marshmallows or you will admiring the stars from the sky! 

How the beds are set up and how many washrooms?

Laurentides:  3  queen beds, 1 twin bed, 1 double sofa bed.

2 bathrooms

3 floors ( not a baseman but a ground floor ) !

Scandinave: 4 queen beds, 2 twin beds, 1 twin sofa bed.

2 bathrooms

2 living rooms


Finlandais: 1 KING bed, 3 queen beds, 1 twin bed , 3 double sofa beds.

3 complete bathrooms

2 indoor living rooms + 1 outdoor.

3 floors ( not a baseman bur a ground floor) ! 

Norvégien: 4 KING beds, 3  queen beds, 4  twin beds, 3  double sofa beds. 

6 bathrooms + ( 1 additional in Fall 2022)  

3 living rooms

3 floors ( not a baseman but a ground floor) !

What should I know before my check-in to the chalet?

You will receive the access codes once you have paid the security deposit (by Interac bank transfer, cash, American Express, Visa or Master Card).

There is a guide inside the property with all the relevant informations ( wifi code, emergency contacts, to do list before your departure ( maximum at 11 am). 

What are the items provided for my stay?

-We provide the following items for the short term rentals: 

 - ecological hygienic paper

 - ecological brown paper roll

 - ecological dish soap

 - ecological dishwasher soap

 - ecological hand soap

 -Coffee filters for the 12-cup percolator coffee maker

 -full kitchen

 - dish towels and wipes

 -cleaning products

 -central vaccum

 -clothes soap

 -a surplus BBQ tank

 - tap water is drinkable

 - bedding for the bedrooms

 - bath towels

 -products for the spa / Jacuzzi

 - boats

 -life vests (except for young children and babies)

 -child safety gates

-hair dryer  





In addition to my personal effects, what items should I bring ?

-wood for fireplace (if you plan to use it)

 -Keurig coffee capsules (if you plan to use it)

 Scott towels

 -aluminum paper and saran wraps

 (if you plan to use it)

 -beach towels if you plan to bathe in the spa or lake)

 - bedding for extra beds (sofa beds).  See bed configuration in the Q&A / FAQ section

 -Your food including spices, oils, condiments)

 - fondue or raclette kit (if you plan to use it)

 -Soaps for body and hair

 -Your Netflix access code (if you plan to use it)

 -Board games (if you plan to use it)

 - baby table high chairs

If you forget something, there is no stress as the village is a few minutes from the chalet.

Is it pet friendly ?

Only clean and well behaved adult dogs are accepted *.

Dogs under 12 months old (puppies) are not allowed.

Dogs of potentially dangerous breeds are strictly prohibited (Pitbull, Rottweiller, Mastif, Tosa, Malinois, etc.). 

A complete and rigorous maintenance, cleaning and disinfection will be carried out by our maintenance team.

 Any other type of animal is prohibited under penalty of  expulsion.

You have to get our written approval for dogs before your stay.
 * For Norwegian, ask for the applicable particularity.

May I bring my boat ?

Our chalets are located in the countryside in quiet and peaceful places.  In addition, as they are ecological lakes, gasoline / gas powered boats are prohibited.  However those with electric motors are tolerated.  Before putting your own boat ( kayak, paddleboat, paddle board, etc) in the water, you must disinfect the underside according to the protocol of the Ministry of the Environment.

Can I come to visite the cottage before to book ?

Of couse you are welcomed to visit our beautiful properties.

Most of the landlords refuse the pre-booking visits but we are pround to show you our '' babies '' !  You will be impressed !

We need to plan an appointment because the cottage has to be free, meaning no occupancy  by any client in order to respect them. 



What kind of coffee machine does the chalet has?

All our chalets are equipped with a 12-cup percolator coffee maker (filters included), a Keurig coffee maker and a Bialetti Italian coffee maker.

In addition, the Norwegian chalet is equipped with a Breville deluxe coffee machine for specialty coffees.

Important: advise your people not to park in front of garbage bins or in the street in order to avoid towing costs or waste collection costs.

In the chalet, there is a guide with a sheet indicating the emergency numbers, the wifi internet code and a short list of things to do before your departure maximum at 11 am).

Have a good stay!